Development strategy, operational efficiency, safety issues, regulatory compliance, trainingsā€¦ Whatever the challenge is, our team offers aerodromes and heliports professional support to address it. Our expertise and our experience allow our clients to benefit from flexible and customized approaches to answer their daily needs.

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Engineering and design solutions: Aerodromes and heliports

Runways, taxiways, aprons, etc.: our team designs, audits and optimizes airports facilities, in compliance with the applicable regulations (international, i.e. ICAO, European, i.e. EASA, and/or national regulations requirements). Our experts provide efficient and reliable technical support in:

  • Airside facilities design and compatibility (Runways, Taxiways, Apronsā€¦),
  • Airfield markings optimization,
  • Obstacle assessment,
  • Accommodation for larger aircraft.
Engineering and design solutions: Aerodromes and heliports
Airport master planning

Airport master planning

CGX offers its support in defining the adequate framework regarding airports future developments and their limits. Through its Airport Master Planning activities, CGX proposes a rational and organized development of the platforms, tailored to the understanding of local requirements and air transport opportunities. Our service includes:

  • Strategic visualizations based on refined forecasts,
  • Airfield infrastructures and facilities extensions,
  • Land use plan developments,
  • Socio-economic analyses,
  • Environmental considerations,
  • Cost estimates,
  • Airport blueprint of planning projections.
Airport master planning

Airport Safety and regulatory compliance

Beyond helping operators guarantee compliance to ICAO standards and recommended practices, EASA regulation, French regulation or other local regulations, CGX shares its substantial experience as airport safety specialist through different services, such as:

  • Safety Management System (SMS) implementation and operational documentation management,
  • Audits and diagnoses (i.e. compliance audits, infrastructure diagnoses, SMS audits, training of internal auditors, etc.),
  • Safety assessments during airport construction works or modifications of aerodrome operational procedures,
  • Support in maintaining the validity of an airport safety certificate.
Airport Safety and regulatory compliance


CGX offers tailor-made specialized training including:

  • ICAO Annex 14 Airfield and heliport design (i.e. regulations overview, runways, taxiways, aprons, markings, signs, lights, obstacles, planning and design, etc.),
  • ICAO Annex 19 Safety management (i.e. SMS implementation, SMS audits, Airport hazard risk analysis, documentation and processes associated to aerodrome certification, etc.),
  • EASA (infrastructure and operations requirements, new responsibilities, compliance monitoring expectations, etc.).