GéoTITAN® is an expert software application dedicated to the automated creation and the management of conventional or RNAV IFR trajectories and their protection areas.

GéoTITAN® main features:

  • Database driven, minimal manual input,
  • Geographical environment, user interface focused on procedure design works,
  • Data quality and consistency checks,
  • Automated geodesic computation, WGS84,
  • Automated computation of protection areas,
  • Automated computation of minimum altitudes from obstacles and DTM,
  • Automated regulation checking,
  • Flexible design with automated templates,
  • Interoperability with standards and external systems:
    • AIXM 4.5 and 5.1,
    • Data4Flight® and AIM4Flight®.


Data4Flight® is a solution dedicated to aeronautical data management with an intuitive and easy to use approach to data management in order to maximize user efficiency and promote interoperability through aeronautical data exchange.

DataFlight® main features:

  • Centralized AIXM 5.1 extended database: standalone or server mode based on PostgreSQL or SQLite technologies.
  • Collect and exchange:
    • Formats and Standards: AIXM 4.5 and 5.1, ARINC 424 and 816,
    • Interoperability with: GéoTITAN®, AIP-GIS Charting®, AIM4Flight® and Thales TopSky®.
  • Visualize: 2D and 3D environment visualization.
  • Verify: Integrated business rule engine, with predefined rules datasets (ADQ, AIXM, ARINC 424). Customized business rules can also be created.
  • Export: Flight Procedure Design automated technical report creation in Excel and Word formats.


Recognizing the need for procedure designers to rapidly create data driven charts (SID, STAR, IAC, etc.) from newly designed procedures, CGX has developed an extension of Data4Flight® called Chart4Flight® that enables production of charts (SID, STAR, IAC and Engine-out SID), fully compliant to the ICAO Annex 14 regulation for symbology, layout, etc. This extension allows procedure designers to quickly create “Project Charts” using the Data4Flight® database in which aeronautical data can be imported from a variety of sources (GéoTITAN® xml, AIXM 4.5 or AIXM 5.1, ARINC 424 or 816 files...) or manually created using the core tools of Data4Flight®.



The Airspace4Flight® module allows the creation of airspace and route tracks directly in Data4Flight® database. Through Data4Flight® functionalities, Airspace4Flight® is also able to display and edit any airspace or Route, and supports the validation of all airspace and en-route tracks attributes against aeronautical data business rules. Airspace4Flight® also supports airspace and route specific analysis to be compliant with ICAO design recommendations Annex 11: Traffic Services and ICAO Doc 8168 volume 2: Aircraft Operations – Construction of Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures[AD3].