We spend more than 10% of our turnover to Research and Development and participate in national and European projects.

As a member of Aerospace Valley and of SAFE competitiveness cluster, CGX has participated in projects such as GAIA Shared Virtual Sky® project, SimCA (airport driving simulator) and Path4Flight®  (automatic path generator for helicopters).

Path4Flight® (PAF)

Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Project Management

Path4Flight®project aims at developing a ground/on-board solution for automated generation of helicopters' flights and trajectories procedures using real-time meteorological, geographical and aeronautical data base.

Path4Flight®project is supported by the Castres-Mazamet Technopole, Aerospace Valley and Pégase clusters, Midi-Pyrénées Region and the department of Tarn.


Foundation for study of new interactions for future cockpits

As part of the new interactions for future cockpits, CGX is taking part of FENICS, an R&D project conducted by AIRBUS, DASSAULT, EUROCOPTER and THALES, started in 2013 for a period of 2 years.

Within this project, CGX, AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE (formally ASTRIUM), the ENAC and the SIA have the task of exploring new solutions capable of providing reliable data to aircrafts and helicopter's new functionalities. The primary expectation is to have a broad and expert vision of current data management, from their creation to their publication concerning the quality and disponibility aspects as well as any question raised by those involved in aeronautical data production chain. The goal is then to find solutions to meet the needs of new features by detecting all possible means of improving the data chain used by applications / functions related to the cockpit of the future.

The main objectives of this project are:
> Analysis of needs for specific data for the new features of the future cockpit.
> Exploration of the data production solution that is specific to the new features of the future cockpit.



HElicpoters Deploy GNSS in Europe – NEXT

HEDGE NEXT is framed as follow up of activities initiated under previous HEDGE activity. This new project phase aims at completing the operational implementation of EGNOS operations into the rotorcraft domain, by supporting the certification of vehicles and validation of EGNOS enhanced operations from different operators spread over Europe.

HEDGE NEXT in addition includes an important part on R&D, towards the full exploitation of EGNOS services into the rotorcraft sector. Those initiatives are either identified and recommended to pursue during the first phase of the activity, or upcoming from parallel activities participated by the Consortia leader under Clean Sky framework, and as such endorsed by Eurocopter and Augusta Westland R&D strategy.

More precisely HEDGE NEXT will target the following objectives:
> To operationally implement Rotorcraft EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) APV (Approach with Vertical Guidance) in selected sites in Spain, Poland and Switzerland.
> To create low-level RNAV routes that intercept the SOAP (SBAS Offshore Approach Procedure) procedure in the North Sea
> To develop a “e-VFR” navigation module in order to enhance the navigation of helicopters in marginal VFR conditions
> To move forward on the development, test and validation of curved approaches for rotorcraft helicopters using GPS and SBAS as sensor: PinS RNP-AR concept.



CleanSky JU

The GARDEN project forms part of the CleanSky European initiative and aims at developing IFR procedures based on GNSS that enable helicopters to reach airports/heliports regardless ongoing air trafic.

IFR trajectory design for helicopters is based on low noise production's trajectories.
As a member of the project consortium including Egis Avia, la DGAC, Pildo Consulting, CGX has provided its expertise in procedure design.


SimCA is a simulator for airport driving that enables to improve the capacity of airports developers to optimize the safety, the traffic in self-restraint area and thus to decrease operating costs.

GAIA Shared Virtual Sky

Data Exchanges Models and Criticity

GAIA Shared Virtual Skyoffers an interoperability platform between simulators and collaborative services design to adress the challenges and problems with the air transport system throughout the life cycle. Among the project partners: AIRBUS, ENAC, DGAC-DSNA, THALES.

The main objectives of the project are:
> A plateform for ATM simulators interoperability
> A web service allowing AIXM 4.5 data sharing
> Environment data management
> Critical data inventory
> Data inconsistency management
> Complementary services (data visualization, data checking)


The objective of this research project  is to study the feasibility of care for elderly and patients with new ICT technologies, including in the national "e-health" project.

This project involves:
> research laboratoires: engineering school ISIS (Castres), school of Mines (Albi) et le LIMOS (university of Clermont-Ferrand),
> industrialists: CGX System (Castres), Almérys (groupe Orange - Tlse),
> hospital centers: CHIC of Castres-Mazamet, CH of Albi,
> home care providers: The Mutualité Tarnaise (UMT 81).

The project gains:
> Techniques with a better control of mobile environments developments that require data exchanges through low flow networks.
> Project management and risk anticipation for the development of distributed architecture solutions with autonomous mobile components.
> Legal and safety hight level for solutions dealing with health data or sensitive personal data.
> Strong adaptation of IT solutions and human-machine interfaces with the real capabilities of end-users.
> A thorough knowledge of organizations, constraints and operating regualtions of the health structures involved in patients home care.

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