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The aviation industry is migrating towards new technologies leading to the digitalisation of all its equipment (ATC, aviation companies, airports) and increasingly more data is being exchanged between aircraft, ground equipment, refuelling stations, infrastructures and operators.

The ultimate goal is to optimise decisions, reduce operational costs, improve both productivity and increase profitability.

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CGX offers solutions and services to meet this goal while, at the same time, ensuring conformance to both national and international regulations.
Our Certifications:
> CGX is ISO9001:2015 certified / > CGX is Swedavia certified / > CGX is certified for the Philippines

ICAO Recognition for PBN Design


Transport Aviation Services

Since 2000, CGX has been intervening at both the national and international levels in four major transport aviation axes: information management, instrument flight trajectory planning, airports and aviation companies (ICAO, EASA, IATA, CANSO, IFAIMA, etc.).
Our teams are composed of aviation experts (engineers, pilots, traffic controllers, designers of instrumented flight planning software, and cartographers) who are recognised, at the local, national and international levels, as having solid experience with civil and military aviation companies and airports.

Its navigation services employ internally-developed software, in addition to the suite AIM developed by CGX and its partners (ENAC and THALES).

Procedure and Cartography Design

Airport Services

Aviation Company Services

Software and Web Services and Solutions

CGX employs its expertise in the development of software for geographic and aviation information systems to provide solutions for a variety of software needs:

> AIS to AIM Migration (Digitalisation of Aviation Information)
> Optimisation of safety, analysis, decision-making and fuel-consumption
> GPM is used for the general, user-friendly distribution of our clients’ mapping data. It provides automatic, real-time, and off-line, mapping data synchronisation and can be deployed on desktops and portable PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Schema SwS

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)

Flight optimisation

Expert Training

CGX places special emphasis on efficient transfer of skills and knowledge, from start to finish, for people who have some experience with aviation information services, airports and aviation companies.
This training is useful for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), civil and military aviation experts, aeronautical OEMs, airports, and aviation companies.

In order to ensure this, CGX ACADEMY is staffed by a team of professionals (CGX and affiliated consultants) who have extensive experience in aeronautical training.

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CGX aeronautical services currently being used, at the national and international levels, by civil and military airports and aviation companies, including ANSPs.


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